Abandon Ship! Digital Painting & TAC Animation Conference 

I’ve just finished up a term working with youth in Northern Alberta,
and I’m back to having lot of time to paint!
I really missed being able to focus on making new work,
so you can expect some new paintings in the next few weeks.

I just finished this painting, “Abandon Ship!”
I wanted to create a frantic ocean scene,
and to experiment with an environment that I’m unfamiliar with how to paint.
It was a challenging piece and I hope you like it. Bunnies are the best. 

I’m thinking of making a video / tutorial on how to paint different kinds of environmental effects, like water. I think that this would be useful, since I’m still working through those challenges, as well!

In other news, I will be attending The Ottawa International Animation Conference
as a delegate, so if you’re attending please come say hello. I’ll be wandering around
and soaking up the industry, and sporting a portfolio.

Prints Available!: http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/graceparkman/abandon-ship/

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