Art Update – Children’s Book “Spirits of the Northern Lights” In Progress


Howdy Internet,

It’s been a crazy few weeks, but I’m officially getting started on a new project! I’m working on the illustrations and design for a new children’s book for Alberta Author Skye Durocher. The book is tentatively titled “Spirits of the Northern Lights”. I won’t give away much about the plot and structure, but I’m very excited to work on the art for this unique book.

Currently, I am beginning on the illustrations and have done some preliminary designs for the characters. Some of the details will change in the next iteration, but I’ll share a sneak-peek of some of the character designs that I’ve worked on so far.

Thanks for taking a look, I hope you’ll follow the book’s progress and support the Skye when the book is released. You can look forward to lots of new watercolor illustrations and a personal, touching story. 

And as always, thanks for taking a look! More details will come in the next couple of months.





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0 thoughts on “Art Update – Children’s Book “Spirits of the Northern Lights” In Progress”

  1. I particularly love to see the contrast between the colourless line drawing (drawing? Sketch? Painting? Your lingo, not mine) and the coloured piece. Your colouring is what gives your art such a unique flavour, I think.

    1. Thanks, Adam! I always try to remember to take inks -only images because you’re right- I think color is pretty important to what I do. Thanks for following my work, as per usual!

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