Artist Statement


I think about my work as a way to illustrate moments about which I feel nostalgia, connection or disphoria. I feel beckoned back to time periods that I didn't live in, to events that I didn't experience and to feelings that I can't quite gather whether I've felt. My work is often narrative, and explores these fleeting moments. Places and images which are pleasant and familiar, but which carry a sinister, uncomfortable undertone. Scenes which I imagine as momentary; in which safety, certainty and comfort are momentary; soon to end.

In this, I suppose my paintings and visual works are about time. The inexorable, uncomfortable nature of the things which we grow to love in our material lives. Nature, family, media, ourselves.

As a conventionally trained illustrator, I enjoy exploring technical conventions which have faded from favor, and experimenting with media to evoke the feeling of different moments in time.