Deconstructed Nintendo 64 Watercolor Paintings

Hi there!

As a super quick update, I’d like to share a few paintings that I completed in the past couple of weeks. They’re all deconstructed looks at recognizable bits and pieces from the Nintendo 64 era. I’ve been doing some work lately messing around with recognizable nostalgic tropes. I might do more at a later date- let me know what characters, scenes and themes you’d like to see explored. 

The three paintings were all done with Pigma Sakura Ink pens and Watercolor paint on watercolor paper. 

That’s all- enjoy the paintings!

Broken Link

2017, Watercolor and Ink on Watercolor Paper.

Castle of Dreams

2017, Watercolor on paper.

Fractal Mario

2017, watercolor on paper.

Thanks for looking!


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