Fantasy Fight Watercolor Painting Process

Happy Friday!

In this post, I’ll be sharing some process images for a recent watercolor experiment that I completed. It’s a basic fantasy painting of a female warrior fighting some baddies. I used a softer shading technique than normal, which is why I can it an experiment.

I’m fairly happy with how the piece turned out, but I think I’d avoid lining the primary character next time. This is why it’s good to experiment!

Anyways, here’s the supplies that I used:


  • A Light table (to trace my sketch onto watercolor paper)
  • Watercolor paints
  • Several brush sizes
  • A Mechanical Pencil
  • Pigma Sakura Micron ink pens (for lining the main character
  • A ruler (for measuring my sheet, and the borders)
  • I also used painter’s tape to tape down my sheet.

Painting Process

Finished Piece


Again, I’m fairly happy with the piece, but it’s a little over-saturated and I think I’d choose to not line the primary character next time. I’m looking forward to doing some more watercolor experiments soon.

Thanks for looking! You can, as always, look forward to another post like this one next week. As always, if you enjoy my work, you can follow my work on my social media accounts and check out my shop (where I have comics, plushies and other good stuff).

Thanks a million,
​Grace AP




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