Lesser Beasts Production Update #1 – Color Thumbnails + Video!

lesser beasts production update #1

So, there’s been a bit of radio silence about this project because I’ve been whittling away at the thumbnails and making an action plan. But, now I can start talking about what exactly I’m making

I’ve made a short little video with some background, but I’ll also give the short and sweet explanation of what exactly I’m working on.

Lesser Beasts” (This is a working title, I may or may not change it), is a graphic novel / art book that I am creating with the help of an independent artist grant from the Saskatchewan Arts Board. It follows a teenage girl who enters a world of swamp creatures and their spirits. There will be virtually no dialogue in the book, and it will mostly be illustrated by hand using mixed media (but let’s not kid ourselves, it will mostly be watercolor). 


Some of the thumbnails for Lesser Beasts

​There are many more details in store that I’ll announce as I continue working on the book, so stay tuned for actual finished pages, concept art and almost certainly some struggling. 

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