natural looking pencil and chalk sketching in paint tool sai (brush settings) 

I’ve been doing sketches in Sai that resemble graphite and chalk on brown paper, and I really like how they’re turning out, so I thought I’d share my brush settings with you.
Pencil Brush:
White Chalk Brush:

In the examples, I used a small pencil brush to do most of the sketching and line work, and a larger graphite brush to add some looser, larger shadows. Once I was done sketching in graphite, I created a second layer underneath and added the chalk, which I then smudged with the smudge brush to make the highlights appear smoother.

HINT: You can play with the color of the background ‘paper’ , as well as the chalk and graphite to produce a variety of effects and styles.

HINT: To create a larger graphite brush, turn the ‘bristle’ setting down, and the ‘paper’ setting up, and vice versa. Fiddle with these settings to configure different graphite and pastel-look brushes.

I hope this is helpful to you! Let me know what you make. 

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