Painting Process for “Forest Spirits” + Improvements!

Hi there internet!

Today I just wanted to share the painting process for my recent “Forest Spirits” painting, as well as a couple of iterations of the painting that I did in previous years, in order to show my improvements. Digital art has taken me a long time to learn, but I’m optimistic that I can continue to improve.

I didn’t remember to start capturing images from the very beginning of the process, so you’ll only see the latter half of the painting process.

Below, I’ll share two more versions of the painting from 2013 and 2015. 
Thanks for looking, and enjoy:

2013 Painting

I was honestly just beginning to pick up digital art again after several years of absence (it was quietly discouraged at my University, and I was still a pretty lazy artist around this time), so this first piece from 2013 is pretty mediocre. 


By 2015 I was starting to get a lot more comfortable with digital art.. enough so that I could navigate using fine lines and light sources a little better. This piece is a lot more comic-book than my more recent work, but I still like it, even though it’s a little naive and unpolished.


 Also then here’s the 2017 piece I painted last month. I’ve gotten much more conformable with digital art, but I still have a ton to learn! I’m finally just beginning to be comfortable with lineless painting, but it takes a ton of practice. I’ve started actually using soft brushes lately, which has been a bit of godsend. 

Still- I’m excited to see where I’m at in 2019.


Side by Side

Thanks again for following my work! Stay tuned next Friday at 5PM again for a new art update. If you like my work, I’d appreciate you following my social media accounts and checking out my shop. Thanks so much!

​- Grace



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